Mehamn is a little place in Finnmark, Norway. The population is about 950 (1996). The place is administration center in Gamvik county council.

The coastal steamer (picture below) arrives Mehamn twice a day, and we also have our own airport. Mehamn, the society, is built up around the fishery, and the biggest employer in Mehamn is therefor a fish concern.

In Mehamn we have all from food-stores to wood-stores, and the natural place to live, while visiting Mehamn, is Mehamn hotel. There is primary- and junior high school, kindergarten and sports hall in Mehamn. We also have the worlds northermost grass-arene for football (soccer).


The temperature in summer (June-July and August) lays on an average of 10-12 Celsius. Mehamn has midnightsun from May 12 to August 1.

In the mounths December and January, there is dark all day long (the sun is under the horizon). The sun return on January 27.


There are no "wild-growing" trees in Mehamn. You have to drive 20 kilometres by car to reach the worlds northermost birch wood, in Oksevaag. The terrain around Mehamn is hilly, with a lot of rocks and fishing waters. In theese waters you can catch trout and char. In the rivers you can catch free-living salmon.

In the winter there is exellent opportunities to go skiing. There is snow all over.

The Mehamn fjord.

Gamvik County Council:

Gamvik county council includes the easter part of the Nordkyn peninsula and the areas around the Langfjord. The landscape is a hillocky mountain-plateau on about 200-300 metres over the sea. Kinnarodden (Nordkinn) is the northermost spot on the norwegian- and the European mainland (71 8 1).

Gamvik county council is a fishery community with traditions built up in centuries.